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Want to critique my Maribelle? Think there are things I can do to improve? Do you love her and wish her to have your babies? Well spill it all here! This is my How's My Driving post, the place where you can tell me all the constructive criticism or whatever without the need of private messaging me! Comment screening is on, so go wild!
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Maribelle is a very busy woman and can't come to the communication device right now because she's out doing something elegantly, so please leave a message.

Date/time & Means of contact (Writing, Voice, Video, or Action)

She'll get back to you quickly and promptly as soon as she is readily able to do so.
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[Name]: Moosey
[Age]: 22
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[Name]: Maribelle
[Canon]: Fire Emblem Awakening
[Age]: Unknown (early 20s? Birthday April 14th)
[Gender]: Female
[Canon Point]: Epilogue


Maribelle can be a very difficult person to befriend, or to be around for that matter. She has a very sharp tongue, tends to look down on people she views as her lessers, and she is a rather bossy and refined woman of noble breeding. Yet underneath all her regal demeanor, her arrogance, and her snobbishness, lies a caring heart full of love and warmth for those she truly cares for. It can take a while for Maribelle to warm up to people, but once she does she can be one of the nicer friends a person can have. To put it frankly, she's a rather sophisticated person.

Maribelle is very protective of her friends because of how hard it was in the past for her to even make friends. She was not the most tactful of young women growing up, and it was not until Lissa befriended her that she finally started to soften up. There is no person in all of existence that Maribelle would rather spend time with than Lissa, and they have tea sessions together nearly every chance Maribelle can arrange it. Her devotion to Lissa is such that she told her, her favorite kind of tea is whatever Lissa enjoys best, because then she gets to enjoy Lissa's enjoyment of it as well. Indeed, Lissa is her one truest and best friend that Maribelle would not hesitate to lay her life on the line for. It is because of her great love for Lissa and her brother Chrom, that when the local village she'd been visiting had been attacked by Plegian forces, she went to parley with them so that Chrom and Lissa wouldn't have to get involved. Unfortunately, this plan of hers backfired, as she was captured by the enemy and became a hostage, which was a lesson she learned the hard way on how to deal with certain people.

Maribelle also has a bit of a playful side to her in that she likes to tell jokes every now and then. Unfortunately, some of the jokes don't always go over so well due to timing like when Lissa first asked her favorite type of tea, she said it was black tea imbued with the still warm blood of an adult male grizzly bear. This of course made Lissa splutter the tea out of her mouth much to Maribelle's disgust and amusement when she explained it was merely a joke. Other times when asked about what her dream for the future is she says "I'd like to grow up to be a big hairy barbarian! ... Laugh would you? That's supposed to be a joke." Despite her mask of haughtiness, beneath it all Maribelle is still a girl who just wants to have fun with everyone else. In her A class support with Vaike, she even went with him to a tavern and managed to befriend nearly everyone there and had a hell of a time just living life out on the town.

She's the kind of woman who would easily take charge of a situation if she thought the leadership was lacking. She has a profound respect for the noble ruling class much of the time, but people still have to prove their worth to her. Maribelle is a very opinionated young woman, and the way she loudly voices said opinions is what often earns her more enemies than friends. She knows what it means to be tactful, and where it should be used, but oftentimes she can forget herself in the heat of the moment. For instance she would likely be the first to complain about the stench in the air, but wouldn't be the kind to talk about how bothersome her father is to someone who just lost their father. At least, not without being incredibly and genuinely apologetic at her carelessness.

Maribelle is the kind of woman who wants to strive to become better than the common person, achieving greatness in the nobility for the betterment of all mankind. Her sense of right and wrong is so strong that there is very little that can deter her in matters of morality. Part of the reason for her strong sense of justice is likely that her father had been falsely accused of sending a thief to steal from the royal treasury when she was young. Her father being framed for this had almost resulted in his execution were it not for a timely letter written by the thief himself. This was likely the event that led Maribelle on her crusade to right all wrongs, not merely in the circles of nobility, but also for the common man. She wants to help all wrongs that need to be righted, whether it's something as grand as a plot to frame someone for murder, or as simple as getting her friend a better set of clothes so they aren't constantly wearing a giant suit of armor all the time.

[Abilities / Strengths & Weaknesses]:
In Fire Emblem awakening there are a very wide variety of jobs and classes that or available to each character, with differing abilities for each one. Maribelle has trained in the use of bows, lances, swords, axes, staves, and magical tomes, but her specialty is the usage of magical tomes and staves. Her combat capabilities are mostly based upon what she's equipped with, which will be a basic fire tome and a mend staff.

Fire tomes allow those who are practiced in magical arts to manipulate a small ball of flame. This fireball can be hurled at an enemy, or used for something more practical like starting a campfire. (Though some would consider this a waste of a magical tome) A mend staff is capable of healing anything from a paper cut, to a gaping chest wound, and broken bones. However it is NOT capable of curing diseases, curses, mental maladies, or raising the dead. Maribelle must be within at least a foot of the target that she wishes to heal with the staff, and she is also incapable of using it on herself.

While Maribelle is also a gifted magic user, she also is trained in a variety of other activities such as political mind games, chess, the violin, the laws of the court of Ylisse, horseback riding, fencing, and courtly manners. These are just some of the things Maribelle has openly stated she has practice with thanks to countless hours of diligent research and training.

While she is quite studious and well trained, Maribelle suffers from the fact that she is not the most physically fit. As such she oftentimes has a difficult time with endurance and stamina, likely getting exhausted during long marches without the use of a mount. Her base defense stat is one of the lowest in the entire game, meaning she does not have the greatest of pain tolerance. She would likely bruise quite easily if she were ever to get into a fight where she were truly harmed. Thankfully, she still has agile reflexes so hitting her is easier said than done, but being from a medieval setting she has no experiences with guns or other firearms. As such she'd likely be particularly vulnerable to being shot.

As a Valkyrie one of the ONLY weapons she's capable of using is a tome. Therefore without it (or her parasol) she's utterly defenseless. Healing staves are much more like wands in her world, in that they aren't designed to attack or kill, but if worst came to worst could be used to block an incoming sword. Apart from her extensive physical weaknesses, Maribelle also has a tendency to rub people the wrong way. While she believes she's quite savvy in the ways of diplomacy, on occasion (though not all the time) she lacks tact.

[Limited Powers]:
Most of Maribelle's powers stem from the use of items, and as such I'd like to limit her to just a basic fire tome, and a mend staff for the time being. She'll have to work her way up to earning more powerful equipment somehow (if that's even possible in this world) and otherwise must rely on her wits. Her magical prowess will also only be a fraction of what she is used to, because by the end of the game she could practically immolate an entire army. Since she'd been in High Seas for nearly half a year, her magical prowess has returned *somewhat*, but because of the weak equipment she is still stuck with, she is certainly not a powerhouse by any means.

[Other Important Facts]:
By the end of the game it is possible for Maribelle to have gotten married. If she is married her son from the future comes back in time to help them save the world. I would like to have it that Maribelle has met her son Brady, but I would still like to keep Maribelle single. This way she can develop relationships in the community, and there wouldn't be any conflicts in case any spouse I could have chosen for her from canon wishes to app. This will allow Maribelle to interact with her son as his mother if someone ever apps her son, rather than having to have the whole thing explained to her.

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To whom it may concern,

It has come to my attention that as of late the shipments of tea to this port city have been delayed due to pirate activities. I would ask that all of you kindly leave these poor merchant galleons alone so they might bring ashore their precious cargo. Not only are you disrupting the economy, destroying livelihoods, and harming the innocent, but you are also putting the price of tea through the roof. As if this place weren't uncivilized enough with all of you people running about in search of some mystical gem, but now you wish to disrupt tea time? Someone must put a stop to the piracy of tea in this port if there is ever to be peace in this world, and so I am putting out a call to all those who will listen to rally to defend these merchant ships the next time they come to port.



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